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The Ellis Ranch was operated as a diversified stock and fruit producer since shortly after Leander G. Ellis paid $1000 in gold coins to buy it in 1868.  Reports say that well before 1890, he had established 25 acres each of pears, prunes and grapes and was grazing sheep and raising hogs.  Minus the hogs, these activities continued until Nancy Ellis Dalziel’s death in 2012.

Miller’s Orchard Block

MILLER’S ORCHARD is a steep block that faces nearly due south and is completely surrounded by undisturbed oak woodlands.  Starting in the early 1900s, this was planted in (Luther Burbank) stoneless plums that were dried to prunes on large wooden trays we still own.  For three quarters of a century, northern Sonoma County along the Russian River was called the prune belt, until viticulture supplanted it.  Today, this small block is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon (clones: 47 & 338) and Merlot (clone 15).  When we planted this block, we preserved and protected the lone legacy plum tree that stood virtually in the middle of the block.  Despite our conservation efforts, this 100+ year-old plum tree was laid to rest in a wind storm in 2016.

Coyote Ridge Block

COYOTE RIDGE BLOCK, is our steepest block and comprises a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon (clones: 33, 169, 412, and 685) and Cabernet Franc (clone 214).  The steepness and near due-west aspect of the block historically resulted in award winning Napa Gamay (Valdiguié).  However, the steepness has also resulted in two back-to-back slides, despite following our properly engineered plans.  We carefully re-planted the lost sections in 2017 and 2018 and are happy to see that the land has healed over.

Ellis Hillside Block

ELLIS HILLSIDE is our smallest block at .4 acres, with our most rocky soil and fastest water drainage when irrigating.  Our consulting viticulturalist described the soil as “rocket fuel,” likening it to the Rutherford bench in Napa. The tiny block is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 412).

Ellis Ranch House Block

ELLIS RANCH: when Nancy Ellis retired in her 50’s, she returned to the home ranch and personally took up the farming of this block until shortly before her death at age 73. Through her labors she produced award wining Zinfandel and Carignane.  In our replanting we gave the vine rows a solar/thermal orientation and planted again to the historical Zinfandel (Primativo) but also added Petite Syrah (Durif 3 for blending with the Zin), Cabernet Sauvignon (clones: 30 & 47) and Malbec (clone 595).  Today, the view from the back of the humble Ellis ranch house (where Hal lives) still presents a priceless horizon of our natural oak woodland hillsides dotted judiciously with small plantings of carefully tended grapes.


RANCH HOUSE BLOCK surrounds the present Fay ranch house on three sides.  The block holds our oldest Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 7), new Cabernet (clone 33), Merlot (Clone 181) and our four whites: Sauvignon Blanc (clone 1 & Musque), Semillon and Viognier (clone 642).  The block is bordered on its longest side by a drought tolerant insectary hedgerow.  Its northwest corner includes our four white varieties, which boarder our 90’ bridge crossing of Fay Creek and a monumental laurel tree complex.