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We have a rich life thanks to the nature that surrounds us. And with that richness comes the responsibility to share it with others both today and in the future. This means we must factor in land conservation, restorative agriculture and climate change mitigation in literally everything we do. Our goal and our commitment is precisely this: Grow the best fruit and make the best wine, while also remembering that our greater legacy will come from our work to conserve our land, restore our soils, and limit our carbon footprint.


It started before we planted our first vine.  To begin, we restored areas damaged from the prior generation’s impacts, including six miles of roads and three creeks. We then planted vineyards, riparian corridors and insectary hedge rows in ways that permanently lighten the current impact from our farming. And finally, by farming only organically using the light touch side of organics, we continue each day to better the land. When all of our practices align we grow great fruit while also restoring the soil and thus the planet to health.


Our fruit speaks for itself: You will find it in bottles from Aperture, Silver Oak, Lambert Bridge, Jordan, Fisher, Coppola and Duckhorn often at triple digit prices. In our Sei Querce wines we aim to produce beautiful wines that reflect directly back to the vineyard, the soil, the sun and the growing season. Our winemaker and viticulturists work all season in the vineyards to be able to harvest at the moment they have brought the fruit into a brilliant balance of phenological ripeness, texture, sugar, acid and flavor.


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